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My Take on all this spying


Have you seen the video of the Alexa home assistant being asked if she’s connected to the CIA? Because it’s awesome.

Alexa doesn’t say no.

Alexa doesn’t send the owner to a wiki page outlining the legality of the US government spying on its citizen either.

Alexa just shuts down.


I’ve watched it a dozen times and still find it hysterical.

It’s not that I condone the government’s pervasive spying. I don’t, it’s wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong….and also…not surprising. Probably I’ve read too many spy novels, but I’ve lived most my adult life assuming this was status quo. We are constantly told about “leaked” conversations. Where did everyone think those were coming from?

Anyway, for my part, I’m not sure there’s another way to handle these times we live in. I don’t like how the TSA operates either but I want to fly sans explosives so, for the time being anyway, I’ll be this girl at the airport…

“Want me to take my shoes off? No? Are you sure? I can take them off. Really. They’re boots you know, I should take them off…”

But, given what we now know about big brother, there’s a few points I’d like clarified…

With all these high techy means of finding out everything about me apparently running 24/7 on all my devices… WHY are the ads in my internet news feed always for something I already bought?

I have those boots. They know I have those boots. Even if I hadn’t bought them online I used a credit card, had them shipped via US post and then posted pictures of me wearing said boots on FB, twitter….

Show me a dress my new boots will pair nicely with, maybe some leggings, a nice scarf?

If you’re going to spy on me at least make it worth my while.

(Dear CIA. I’m particularly fond of the label White House Black Market…)

And what about…

Taxes. Import duties, excise tax, sales tax, surcharges…when all is said and done, how much money have I given to the US government to make possible that shiny new phone in my hand that they are using to access my personal moments? Sounds a little backwards to me. In fact I think I might subtract a bit from my tax bill next year as a kind of electronic rent. That would be fair.

(Just kidding IRS. I’m not going to do that ever. Please don’t audit me.)

And lastly…

Does the CIA draw the line anywhere? When Lee Harvey Oswald lived in Russia and the KGB was recording every word spoken in his house, the agents would turn the tapes off if it sounded like Mr. and Mrs. Oswald were getting ‘a little cozy’. Can we get the same assurances from our men in black? Honestly, does this country need a sex tape scandal of those proportions? Of course it would be one giant distraction from real news. 

(By the way, next time you feel like trash talking the KGB remember this. They stopped listening. That’s some classy spy shite there. Not that I think our spies are not classy. Nope. You folks are awesome. Really. You don’t need to focus any special attention on me. Or any ordinary attention for that matter. Nothing but a broke blogger here making bad jokes. Nothing to record…)




Meanwhile, in Homer Alaska…

20140510_150340Should we be worried, or relieved?



Reading between the lines


Most days the news is pretty depressing, but every once in a while…

Life’s hard. It’s wise not to take it to seriously. It’s especially wise to do that when you’re reading the news.

So, for this Monday’s chuckle I’ve compiled a brief summary of some articles I ran across lately that made me feel better.20130812_110214

A lot better…

About everything….




According to economists, personal spending increases until middle age then it decreases.  

Your debt is still growing? Great! You’re not old yet.

(The Economist)


Now available, Apps for your pets.

And now also available, excuses for me. That silly app? Hahaha! No, no, I bought it for my dog.

(The Wall Street Journal)


August 8th is national “leave some zucchini on your neighbor’s porch” day.

Phew. Now they can’t be angry.

(Farmers Almanac)


Shark found on NY subway car in Queens.

I may be bad with directions, but I have never been that lost. Not once.

(USA Today)


People afraid of the dark may find it hard to fall asleep at night.

So that’s it.

(Huffington Post)


Man claims his bad credit is keeping him from employment

What?! No! that’s ridiculous…hang on…Dude is a banker.



Jock Strap was invented in 1874, the padded football helmet, not until 1915.

Over 40 years later? Guys and priorities.

(OK, got that from Pinterest. But I personally – between fits of laughter – verified the dates.)


Have a safe and humorous day folks!