This is a little bit about myself…

I was born in Pensacola Florida. I don’t remember it.

Reputable sources say that I have an enormous amount of energy and operate regularly in high-speed. I don’t see it. But, I might be like a squirrel that way. (I knitted a sweater and butchered a cow while writing that. Oh! Muffins are done…)

Those same sources also say I talk too fast. Again, I don’t get it. See above. I just know people interrupt me A LOT and say “slow down.” It’s very frustrating. I mean, all they have to do is listen. I’m the one exerting. (Hurry up! read faster!)

I have eight amazing sisters, five by birth and three by marriage. They are all unbelievably and individually remarkable. It would take days to describe their awesomeness. Knowing my sisters makes it hard for me to form friendships with other women. A few minutes into a new acquaintance, my head tilts as I wonder, “Why aren’t you as cool as my sisters?”

On a related note, if you’re a girl (and not my sister) and we are friends, you should know that I probably consider you an incredible woman.

I also have seven handsome and brilliant brothers, three by birth and four by marriage. They are all intelligent and strong and totally not intimidated by the pack of stellar women surrounding them.

My dad was a warrant officer in the navy. He repaired electronics. He used to tell me he would only fix the car radio if I removed it then reinstalled it after he checked it out. I used to think he was trying to teach me about cars and radios. I don’t anymore. Removing and reinstalling a car stereo is a PAIN in the BUTT.

I went to an all girl high school (it’s not as bad as it sounds). Then, a few years after graduating, I became an airplane mechanic (when not many girls did that). So, in essence I went from all girl world to all boy world. Quite an interesting transition. Boys and girls are different.

I can speak a little Russian. Not fast.

I started my first novel when I was 9. It’s about a horse. Come on, what 9 year old girl wasn’t busy writing a novel about a horse?

I’ve visited (about) 15 different countries, most of them for work. There was a time I could order “noodles and beer” In five languages. Anymore, I could probably do it in three.

My first real job was at a drive in movie theater. Talk about freedom. I don’t think my mom even knew what time we closed at night. At any rate, the hour we closed wasn’t anywhere near the hour I went home. I hope you can laugh about that now Mom. It’s OK, I made it to adulthood.

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